Photography for real estate marketing, architecture, interior design, construction and home owners. Drone photography also available.


Stunning product photography to highlight your products on Amazon, in your online shopping cart, in catalogs and brochures, and more.

Sports / Action

Action photography including football, basketball, baseball, extreme sports, and more. Capturing honest, intense emotions my camera lens.


Residential and commercial aerial photography for builders, architects and property management companies.

Architectural Photographer

Probably my favorite thing to shoot — I’ve always enjoyed photographing structures of all types.  The best part about these projects is getting to work closely with the architect, builder or designer and creating images that are compelling and highlight the best parts of the structure.

Product Photographer

If you sell or market a product it is really important to have great photography.  I enjoy doing catalog and website work in the studio as well as location and lifestyle shoots.  Working with small companies and entrepreneurs is really rewarding — over the years I’ve been lucky enough to shoot everything from jewelry and gemstones to clothing, lamps and automobiles.

Aerial Photographer

I use my aerial camera as an infinitely adjustable ladder.  It allows me to put the camera almost anywhere that is not a tree or power line and get just the shot I want.  I do lots of residential and commercial work for builders, architects and property management companies to give their projects a fresh and unique perspective.

Sports / Action Photographer

I have been covering college athletics for over 15 years — mostly football, basketball, action sports and baseball.  Not many things are more fun than being in a packed stadium with the crowd going crazy and following the action.  Sports and action photography is great because of the honest and intense emotions you can capture and the fact that every job is unique.

About Will

I am a commercial photographer living and working in Austin, Texas. I have always had a hard time staying still and have been active my entire life so I guess it was natural that I gravitated towards location photography. Studio work is nice, but nothing beats packing up your gear and taking the show on the road to see what kind of pictures you can make.

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